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Webhook,, Microsoft, Json, Error reporting, Custom API

Superior expertise


Integromat lets you connect systems and automate workflows. Move data between systems without effort so you can focus on growing your business.
Functions is partner with Integromat. And has buildt modules for Smartdok, Nets,, Svea Checkout, Wallmob, Izettle and more. The possibilities are endless.

Superior expertise in the API.
Registrated ISV Partner. is an integrated and complete solution that fully automates business processes and manages complex, repetitive accounting operations. It is an excellent fit for businesses looking to reduce costs and increase success by effectively managing time, resources and technology.


We specialize in Woocommerce through functionally superior websites with a frictionless user experience. We ensure that our WooCommerce websites are accessible through multiple devices enabling you to reach the maximum target audience and effectively boosting your sales and revenue.

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“If you can outsmart the rubiks cube you can solve anything.
If we can do it? Sure! ”

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